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Dan's Plan

The Benefits Of Our Service Plan

Two Seasonal HVAC Tune-Ups

Save 20-50% On Parts & Services and Discounts on New Carrier HVAC Equipment

Priority Air conditioning & Heating Repairs and Service

Five Year Warranty On Repairs

Automatic Scheduling Reminder

Air Conditioning Installation in MD
Dan's Air Maryland HVAC Contractor

Gas Furnaces

Clean and Tune Burners
Clean and Test Flame sensor (when applicable)
Verify Flue Integrity for Safe Operation
Test Pressure and Limit Safety Controls
Clean Furnace Condensate Drain
Monitor Blower Amperage
Lubricate Motors (where applicable)
Test Temperature Rise
Inspect for Cracked Heat Exchangers

Heat Pumps

Flush Indoor Heating Coil
Vacuum debris from unit cabinet
Test Temperature Output
Lubricate Motors (when applicable)
Test for Proper Freon Levels
Ohm Contactors
Test Capacitors
Test Compressor Amperage
Calibrate Thermostat (when applicable)
Test Indoor Fan operation
Inspect and test electrical components
Test Auxiliary Heat operation
Test Outdoor unit defrost control

Flush outdoor condenser coil
Clean and flush air conditioning condensation drain
Inspect indoor Evaporator
Vacuum debris from unit cabinet
Test temperature output
Lubricate motors (when applicable)
Test for proper Freon Levels
Ohm contactors
Test capacitors
Test compressor amperage
Calibrate thermostat (when applicable)
Test indoor fan operation
Inspect and test electrical components