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The Importance of Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

A guide to Choosing the right services For the Cooling System in your Home

Your air conditioning system likely uses more energy than any other appliance in your home even when it is working properly. Choosing to have it regularly maintained can save money, increase the life of your system and avoid unnecessary breakdowns which usually happen at the worst possible times.  

Below are 3 tips for keeping cool  all summer long!

Tip #1

Start with a Thorough Air Conditioning Inspection

Properly Inspect

Have your cooling system well inspected in order to take care of small issues before they become larger ones.

air conditioning repair Clarksburg

Speak with your technician about any issues you may have noticed, such as hot or cold spots in your home or air conditioner noises. 

A thorough air conditioning inspection includes the following:

Both the outside condenser coil and indoor evaporator coils should be visually inspected and cleaned as required. Air filters should be replaced and air duct system inspected and cleaned as necessary. The indoor blower wheel is a common place for dirt accumulation and can drastically reduce the airflow delivered by the indoor fan. Condensate pans, pumps and drains should be checked and cleaned as required.

Check for proper freon levels. Two very important readings known as super heat and sub cooling taken at the air conditioner while it is running can give the technician critical information about the overall operation of the system. Regardless of the type of refrigerant your system uses, each manufacturer has recommended levels for each system.

Proper airflow across both the indoor as well as outdoor coils is important for heat removal inside and heat rejection outside. When they are out of balance, for example from a dirty filter, compressor damage as well freezing at the outdoor coil can occur.

Running Amperage readings should be taken for the compressor as well as the condenser fan motor. Also testing for proper voltage supplied to the air conditioner and microfarad  readings at the capacitors. Testing starting amperage can be a good indicator of the overall condition of the compressor.

Tip #2

Proper Maintenance Includes Periodic Cleaning

Clean it!

Periodic cleaning of the condenser coil can prevent the air conditioner from over heating as well as reducing run time. Coils must be clean in order for the technician to assess proper refrigerant levels. See other components which should be cleaned below.

Condenser coil clean

Be sure to ask your technician to flush the air conditioner coil outside periodically. The system has trouble rejecting heat to the outdoors when the coil is dirty or the airflow restricted. A dirty coil also causes the compressor to work harder which can increase your electric bill.

Your Evaporator coil is part of the indoor portion of your air conditioning system. It can become restricted by not keeping your air filter clean. Over time it usually requires cleaning anyway. Have your technician inspect the underside of the evaporator coil and clean as required. 

Air conditioner condensate drains should be cleaned once every season in order to prevent them from clogging. This becomes especially important in areas where you may not know they are leaking such as an attic or crawl space. Ask your technician about water safety devices which can be set up to shut the system off in case the drain should become backed up. Condensate pumps should be cleared of debris as should the drip pan for the evaporator.

Keep your duct system clean for dependable healthy operation. You can reduce the frequency between duct cleanings by keeping your furnaces air filter clean as well as your air conditioner indoor evaporator coil.

Tip #3

Consider an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Service Plans

Air conditioning maintenance plans are a proactive strategy to keeping your system well serviced before the start of each cooling season.

Dan's Service Plans - Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

A great way to protect your Cooling System and ensure the comfort of your family is with one of our air conditioning maintenance Plans.


Dan’s Plan Platinum is by far our most popular choice as it includes Cleaning and Diagnostic Services that usually should be performed at each service visit. Choose this plan if your system is more than a couple of years old.

Our Gold Heating and Cooling Service Plan is a more economical choice that focuses mainly on Heating and Cooling Inspection and system performance. Choose this plan if you have recently replaced your system and it isn’t old enough to need cleaning. If you just want a proper heating and cooling assessment, this may the choice for you.

Benefits include keeping your family comfortable, lowering your utility costs, a longer life of your cooling system, and avoiding excessive costs on repairs. Also save money on products and services as well as enjoying priority service. Be sure to compare our plans.

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