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Residential HVAC Maintenance Plans

A Homeowners Guide for Buying Prepaid Service Plans

Have you ever wondered what type of maintenance you should have for the heating and cooling  System in your home? Not sure about what types of plans are available?

Below is a summary of different plans explained as well as what should be expected with each.

HVAC Contractors each have their own versions of service plans so it is important to read the fine print about everything that is included!

Common Names for HVAC Maintenance Plans

HVAC Maintenance Plans or Membership Plans offer many benefits to homeowners in addition to having regular maintenance performed on their heating and cooling system. Usually, discounted rates are offered for products and services as well as receiving some type of priority service should you find yourself in need of an HVAC repair.

HVAC service contracts are typically an obligation on the part of the contractor to perform maintenance as well as repairs on the HVAC system. The repair portion could cover just labor, or both labor and materials as a part of the service contract.

It seems to be a term that is quickly becoming outdated for use with residential applications however is still very commonly used and taken very seriously for commercial HVAC because it can be a big deal when a large building is in need for a repair.

Many contractors have adopted the term “Maintenance agreement” instead of “Maintenance contract” mainly because it doesn’t have that undesirable word “contract”. 

However the name does imply that it includes only maintenance and not repairs. Usually this type would have an agreement drafted with an understanding and signature between both parties as to what is expected of each. Sound like a contract?

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What should HVAC Maintenance Plans Include?

Don’t confuse maintenance with just an inspection. It is very common for HVAC contractors to offer a minimal 2 visit plan that doesn’t include any type of cleaning.

 The maintenance services which are performed differ depending on the season. They also vary according to the type of systems you have in your home.

Below are some common services performed in the spring for cooling maintenance and in the fall for heating maintenance.

Ac maintenance should at minimum include a full inspection of the electrical components including amp draws and voltage readings, capacitor readings, refrigerant levels, super heat and sub cooling, condenser and evaporator temperature differences and airflow readings.

It is also a good idea to back flush the outdoor condenser coil and clean the condensate drain line at the indoor unit. Usually you would expect to get a discount on AC Repairs in Frederick

Heat pumps should have these same services performed in the spring.

A yearly combustion analysis should be a part of every gas furnace inspection. Also a thorough visual or camera inspection for holes or cracks of the furnaces heat exchangers. 

Other readings should include testing for proper gas pressure, taking flue draft readings as well as testing for Carbon Monoxide. An often overlooked part of a furnace inspection is inspecting the furnace flue or chimney. It is very common to be in need of cleaning or repair.

Testing safety switches such as the furnaces high limit, draft safeguard and pressure switches.

Testing electrical components such as the blower motor, inducer assembly and capacitors.

Testing for proper airflow and heating temperature differential.

Heat pump maintenance should include a full inspection of the electrical components including amp draws and voltage readings, capacitor readings, refrigerant levels, super heat and sub cooling, condenser and evaporator temperature differences and airflow readings.

The defrost cycle and auxiliary heaters should be tested.

It is also a good idea to inspect the indoor coil and clean as needed.

Most humidifiers require a yearly replacement of the water panel. They should also be cleaned of scale and tested for water leaks.

The humidifier control or “Humidistat” should be tested for accuracy and also the water supply opened before each heating season.

Our Automatic HVAC Maintenance Service Plans

Dan's Service Plan - Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

A great way to protect your Heating & Cooling System and ensure the safety of your family is with one of our HVAC Maintenance Plans from Dan’s Air.


Dan’s Plan Platinum is by far our most popular choice as it includes Cleaning and Diagnostic Services that usually should be performed at each service visit. Choose this plan if your system is more than a couple of years old.

Our Gold Heating and Cooling Service Plan is a more economical choice that focuses mainly on Heating and Cooling Inspection and system performance. Choose this plan if you have recently replaced your system and it isn’t old enough to need cleaning. If you just want a proper heating and cooling assessment, this may the choice for you.

Benefits include keeping your family safe, lower utility costs, longer life of your cooling and heating system, and avoid excessive costs on repairs. Also save money on products and services as well as enjoying priority service. Be sure to compare our plans.

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