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Residential Air Conditioning Services in Maryland

Ac Repair, New Installations & AC Replacements in MD

You can count on the professional Service Staff at Dan’s air to provide you with exceptional air conditioning services, repair and maintenance 7 days a week 365 a year. Our service vehicles are kept fully stocked for your convenience and most repairs are completed right on the spot.

If your thinking of replacing your current system, please allow us to provide you with a FREE in Home Estimate. There is never any obligation to buy.

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Serving Maryland

Maryland communities Have counted on Us for more than 25 Years! Our service area includes Montgomery, Frederick, Howard & Carroll Counties.

Same Day Service

Most AC Repairs are completed on the first visit to your home. Should we need a part that is not on our service vehicle, many times we still coordinate to complete the repair the same day.

Our Air conditioner Repair Service

Which AC Repairs are the most common?

Its no secret that Maryland has some extra hot summers. Our area is known also for having high humidity levels in the summer which causes our homes cooling systems to work extra hard.  Luckily most breakdowns that occur are not that serious and are easily repaired.  

Below are some common failures as well as some Air conditioning repair recommendations. 

Some of the most common repairs are usually simple electrical problems which can make the outdoor condensing unit trip the breaker or blow the fuse in the electrical disconnect. It is important to have the air conditioners electrical components tested at the beginning of each season to avoid further damage from what was just a simple problem. It could save you the cost of grounded compressor.

Also many systems are low on refrigerant (Freon) in which case the most common area for a leak would be at the service valves. It is also Common for freon leaks to form at the indoor evaporator coil. If your system is low on refrigerant, you will need to have a proper leak search performed in order to find the source. 

If you continue to run an air conditioner while it is low on freon, the compressor will overheat eventually causing a “Grounded Compressor”.  Just a fancy term that means you need a new air conditioner.

Clogged Condensate lines are caused by lack of Air Conditioning Maintenance. The seasonal routine of clearing the air conditioner drain can save your basement from flooding and even worse dripping through an attic ceiling.

It is a good idea to have a water protection device installed on your system especially if your unit is in the attic. There are many different types, and they are design to shut the system down when a back up occurs.

New Air Conditioner Installation Services

We are a Proud Maryland Carrier Dealer

If your going to spend the money to replace your air conditioning system, be sure to hire a quality air conditioning services contractor for the Installation. 

Our company has a long track record in quality service and installation.

There are many aspects of a new installation that will determine how long your new system will last. Its no Joke.

The New Refrigerant Circuit needs special care.  Air conditioner installers have methods that need to be adhered to in order to keep moisture and debris from circulating through your new system. Proper removal of old refrigerants as well cleaning old lines with a special flush (unless they are to be replaced) will largely determine the life expectancy of your new system. Proper line brazing methods will ensure clean lines in addition to a filter dryer and deep line set vacuum. Compressor failure shortly after a poor installation is not uncommon.

Beware of the salesman who recommends a larger air conditioning system without a proper load calculation.

Many homeowners make the mistake of upsizing the capacity because the old system seemed to run all the time, when in reality it was probably not operating at its rated BTU’s because it was in need of a repair, or low freon or sometimes just old.

There are instances for upsizing, however they rare, and definitely require a proper load calculation to determine any size changes.

Oversized systems cause shorter run cycles which magnify any hot or cold spots that you already had. They also use more energy to run. 

A properly sized system runs long enough to remove humidity properly as well as keeping an even temperature throughout the home.

If you’ve decided to replace your air conditioner, now is the time to upgrade with better choices for indoor air quality. Newer technology is available for air cleaners, whole house humidifiers as well as smart thermostats.

Our Automatic AC Maintenance Services Plans

Dan's Plan - Air Conditioning Service options

A great way to protect your Heating & Cooling System and ensure the safety of your family is with one of our Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans.

We Service all Brands of residential air conditioners

Dan’s Plan Platinum is by far our most popular choice as it includes Cleaning and Diagnostic Services that usually should be performed at each service visit. Choose this plan if your system is more than a couple of years old.

Our Gold Heating and Cooling Service Plan is a more economical choice that focuses mainly on Heating and Cooling Inspection and system performance. Choose this plan if you have recently replaced your system and it isn’t old enough to need cleaning. If you just want a proper heating and cooling assessment, this may the choice for you.

Benefits include keeping your family safe, lower utility costs, longer life of your cooling and heating system, and avoid excessive costs on repairs. Also save money on products and services as well as enjoying priority service. Be sure to compare our plans.

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We are a family run Residential HVAC Company with Locations in Frederick and Clarksburg Maryland. Our Service area currently includes all of Frederick, Montgomery, Howard as well as Carroll County. See our list of Service Areas as well as Listed communities for more information.

We service all makes and models of air conditioners, and as a matter of fact we’ve been repairing, servicing and providing maintenance for residential customers for over 25 Years.

We have the right people, the correct parts, and the right tools to provide you with quality and skilled AC service that you deserve.

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